DooWop Interior Designs was created by the CEO, Torera Omotomilola, shortly after the completion of her Full Time Certificate in Interior Design, from the renowned KLC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour.

DooWop wants to do just that- do up your space and transform it into something that makes you smile when you walk into it. All you need is a bit of dissatisfaction about your current living spaces. If that's you, we  want to hear from you!

What will you get? A friendly and professional service that will help create beautiful living spaces for you.

Doowop Interior Designs


Interior design services aimed at helping you do up some, or all, of the spaces in your home- whether it's new or old. If there's anywhere in your home- a hallway, a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom, or any other space- that you wish could just look nicer and/ or serve an extra purpose-  like, give us a call, seriously. Let's talk about it.


A small budget is still a budget; we'll give you honest advice, and we welcome all budgets!


We'll do anything (legal) to help you see your design ideas become reality. Why? We are passionate about bringing beauty into spaces.